Consultancy services

  • Coaching your project teamPDCA Cycle
  • Temporary taking charge of projectmanagment
  • Introduction of a proven projectmanagement
  • Projectmanagement follwing the PDCA cycle

Advantages and objectives of the implementation

  • As a result, project execution is more economic because project costs are lowered, project lead times shortened and project performance improved.

  • The risk of failing to meet the project goals is reduced to a minimum.

  • Difficulties and disruptions to the project workflow can be identified at an early stage thanks to detailed planning and monitoring, and can be solved at low cost.

  • The best interests of the project are achieved by establishing project management.

  • A high degree of motivation is achieved by splitting the project into defined subtasks, which are then assigned to individual employees.

  • Working in a project management team is good training for young executives.

Based on the model by Peter Rinza: Projektmanagement. Planung, Überwachung und Steuerung von technischen und von nichttechnischen Vorhaben, 1998.
PDCA Image: Walter Edwards Deming, USA